S.B.E. Worldwide

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About Us

We have since been under re-construction and is now an Entertainment Business Conglomerate that is comprised of Production Divisions, a Services Firm, and LyfeStyle Society.

Our Primary Goal is to help Up-In-Coming Music Performers, Film Makers, and Fashion Designers to reach self-actualization by becoming "Income Producing Brands" through The ShowBiz Movement.

The ShowBiz Movement's Agenda is to create a platform where Music, Film, and Fashion Industry Professionals get "Real" Media Coverage and Networking "Opportunities". The ShowBiz Movement works with Major Sponsors and will soon be producing Monthly Media-driven Industry Showcases and Networking Events in New York City.

We believe in "Unity Among All Nationalities". We express this through "The Sovereign Body N.A.T.O. LyfeStyle Society". The N.A.T.O. LyfeStyle stands for Nightlife, Activities, Travel, and Online.

A Sovereign Body is Socialite. We are Trendsetters and Exhibitionists. We crave Excitement, New Experiences, and Indulgence. We value Unity, Individuality, and Freedom. The primary duties of a Sovereign Body Citizen are:

     1. To Unite All Nationalities and Races.

     2. To Promote Individual Self-Expression.

     3. To Explore Many Freedoms.  


Sequential Biz

I'm the CEO, President, and oh yeah ... The S.B. Emperor of S.B.E. Worldwide, Inc. My journey started in 1996. I worked independently in the Marketing, Media, and Entertainment Industries. I've worked with MTV, Time Warner, Cablevision, XXL Magazine, Bad Boy Entertainment, Roca-Fella Records, Loud Records, Def Jam Records, Priority Records, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Arista Records, Da Da Damani Clothing, Mecca Clothing, B.B. Kings bar & grill, Mars 2112, Club Speed NYC, Palladium, and Copacabana to name a few.